Lower Risk of High Blood Pressure with Potassium

An adequate daily intake of potassium may be an important part of preventing high blood pressure. A potassium diet holds the power to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Potassium is a relatively common mineral and can be found in many foods, and is especially easy to obtain in fruits and vegetables.

Excellent sources of potassium include sweet potatoes, orange juice, white beans, yogurt and banana.

Sweet potatoes are actually one of the top sources of potassium available. It also contains top nutrients such as Vitamin A and Beta Carotene.

Orange juice is known for its excellent contribution to your daily intake of Vitamin C, but is also a superb source of potassium. Probably the best part about orange juice is how easy it is to fit into a potassium diet.

White beans are an excellent source of fiber, protein, and even starch. It has been labeled as a super food due to the fact that they are full of iron, and they can deliver close to 600 mg of potassium to your diet, just by consuming half a cup.

Yogurt is also a secret source of potassium.

If you follow a healthy and balanced diet, you are probably getting plenty of potassium. Given the wide variety of potassium rich foods, most people should not suffer from potassium deficiency as long as they are eating a balanced and healthy diet.


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