How to Select Your Computer Chair

It is quite a challenge to maintain good posture for long hour especially if you need to spend more than 8 hours in your office. A good computer chair is probably the single most important component of our working environment. If the chair that you sit is not comfortable, it may affect our health.

Our body needs the right support and comfort. There is a link between back pain, poor posture, and chair design. Ergonomically designed chairs are built with the needs of our body in mind. They provide us with supreme comfort because they have adjustable features, which reduce the amount of stress we place on our muscles and joints.

It is important for you to get it right from the beginning if you are looking to buy one or more office chairs for your home office or small business. It is an important decision. There are some guidelines in selecting a good office chair:

Test it yourself, see if you are comfortable with it. Make sure you test out different models until you find one you really like. It should provide proper back support so that your back rest feels comfortable. It should have a back support that follows the natural 'S' shape of the spinal column.

The correct adjustment of an ergonomic chair is a prerequisite for healthy posture. A good chair should have adjustable features to accommodate our specific needs. This includes arms, back and seat. Adjusting your chair to better fit your body and your computer will help make you felt more comfortable and productive, and also help prevent injury. Do remember to adjust the height of your chair to give the correct reading height for your screen.

Adjustable armrests are another nice feature. It allows us to work close to our computer while also providing a place to rest our arms.

We should not sacrifice our bodies' comfort for a low price chair. A good computer chair can mean all the difference between a good and bad day at work.

By the way, if you hardly have any daily activities, because your job is sitting down all day, having only a good chair will not solve your health problem. Do remember you will need to exercise to keep your back in good shape.

OK, since you have read this article for sometimes now, stand up and do some exercises :)


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